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All lectures start at 1:45pm unless otherwise stated.

The method of delivery (online, or at the Larruperz, or both) will be confirmed nearer the date of the lecture.


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The Arts Society Ross-on-Wye holds two or three Days of Special Interest (or Study Days) each year. We usually meet in the pleasant atmosphere of Bishopswood Village Hall by the river Wye.

Each day is led by inspiring and experienced lecturers, each one an expert in their own field. They usually give three lectures accompanied by a slide or DVD presentation.

These events have proved to be a popular part of our calendar of events. The day is spent immersed in fine and decorative arts in the company of old and new friends. The fee usually includes the lectures together with coffeee breaks and a delicious lunch.


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Please note that attendance at Special Interest Days and Visits must be pre-booked, and that numbers may be limited.

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