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Church Recording for St Lawrence, Weston-under-Penyard - Examples from the Records

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Weston West Window


Stonework: A Perpendicular style window within a perpendicular style frame set into a 14th c. wall.

Window Schematic

Tracery Light (1) shows a downward descending white dove (The Holy Spirit) with fanned tail.

Tracery Light (2) shows an angel wearing a circlet with centre front cross and a halo behind.

Tracery Light (3) is identical to Tracery Light (2) with a matching scroll bearing the words: "in whom I am well pleased".

Main Light (4) depicts the figure of St John the Baptist. Above and behind the figure of St. John are two angels.Between each pair of angels' wings there are starbursts in yellow and white. To his left there is a tree in brown and green.

Main Light (5) depicts the figure of Christ. He has a yellow and black decorated nimbus, long golden hair and beard; he looks downward with eyes closed and his hands are clasped in prayer. Above and behind the figure are two matching angels in full flowing, collared white robes.

Main Light (6) shows the figure of a kneeling angel with yellow and white halo and golden curly hair held by a circlet with centre front cross. The eyes look upward and in both hands is held a deep red cloth with a black and white decorative border. Above and behind the figure are two angels which match those in Light (4). Windows designed and made by Clayton & Bell.

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Weston Altar Frontal


A red frontal of brocade with a machined pattern of English roses and stylised Patonce crosses set within diamond shapes formed by linked ivy stems. Two machine embroidered length orphreys are appliqued equidistant from the centre to form three panels. The orphreys, of plain cream silk, from the top, bear, in gold coloured silk thread the Sacred Monogram: ihs. Beneath is a stemmed rose with leaves in gold coloured thread with white silk thread forming petals and a red centre. These two motifs repeat but with between, an embroidered crown of gold coloured silk.

The middle panel has a machine embroidered applique design of a floriated circle with four three lobed leaves in white silky thread alternating with four fleur-de-lys. The centre of the circle bears the Sacred Monogram: ihs/ worked in gold coloured silky thread on a black background.

Each side panel has a floral design, resembling a lily with three heads on a multi leaved stem. Worked in white, shades of gold coloured silky thread and green.

There is a multi-coloured fringe at the bottom comprising a single block of red threads alternating with a block comprised of a central band of white surrounded by two bands of two colour gold threads.

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Weston Sedilia


Two seats recessed in niches in South wall of the chancel. Two cusped cinquefoil arches supported by attached pillars on either side and with a central pillar. Pillars have scrolled shaft ring capitals and moulded base. Between the arches is a 'long lobed' sexfoil blind stepped niche. On either side of the arches is a two pointed, trefoil blind niche. This stops in line with the shaft pillar rings and are the same height as the arch. Label/head mould surrounds the upper section of the arches and blind niches, finishing on each side with a floral detail 'stop' in line with the capitals. Made of sandstone and constructed during the 19th century restoration of the church by G E Street. Sedilia form additional seating when there is more than one officiating minister.

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Weston Silver Plate Flagon


Part of a set with a chalice and paten. Beaker shaped flagon with handle and spout. Dome shaped plain lid with lightly scrolled thumb piece attached to the hinge. Bowl is plain but is engraved with the Sacred Monogram: IHS across the stem of a Patée cross fitched. The letters have a foliate/floral decoration and there are three nails arranged symmetrically below the letters. The design is encircled by a sunburst. Fluted double scroll handle in the form of an asp. Short stem, with a compressed knot half way up, joins the bowl to the spreading stepped circular foot.

This item is not held at the church.

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Weston Wall Monument

WALL MONUMENT on the South wall of the NAVE


Rectangular white marble wall monument surmounted by a black triangular pediment with a pointed triangular top, on which lies a lion couchant. Below this a be-ribboned bow above a badly damaged achievement. Below this a cloth bedecked urn supported by the marble monument. Top and bottom of plinth have bevelled edges with yellow and black wing brackets, each side surmounted by a feather with upturned point. Below, black marble slab supporting a fan-shaped feather decoration emanating from a decorated vase. To either side lower wing brackets with simple daisy decoration.

Early 19th century. h. (top of plinth to base) 98 x w. 100 x d. 8.0 cm.

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Weston Chancel Gate


The oak gate of 2 leaves divides the Chancel from the Nave. Each leaf has a square moulded frame within which are 4 balusters with barley-sugar shafts and square tops and bases. The top of each leaf has a rounded profile, below which is a concave moulding with four equally spaced stylized leaf clusters with centred patée crosses. At the top of the opening edge is an oblong shaped domed moulding, whilst the inner (hinged) edges are surmounted by carved angels kneeling in prayer. The end posts on each side (which support the gate) have fluted Ionic shafts with square bases. One leaf of the Gate has a bolt at the base and there are curved metal handles at the top of the gate on the nave side operating a concealed lock. Given to the church 1947.

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Weston Turret Clock


The clock is housed in a three sided enclosure of 23 varnished 14 cm. wide pine planks. The mechanism is a three train, side by side, flatbed with double three leg gravity escapement. It has a Carillion Tune barrel with a ¾ Ding dong. The pendulum length is 99 cm. from centre suspension ring to middle of the bob. Initially manually wound, in 2012 an electric winding mechanism was made. On a rectangular metal plate is the manufacture's / retailer's name. JB JOYCE & CO LTD, WHITCHURCH SHROPSHIRE.

A vertical motion rod connects to a Denison gear to drive the hands on the north dial of the tower and two horizontal motion rods connect via secondary gears to the east dial. Both dials are skeleton design with two hands. Installed 1914.

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Weston Book of Common Prayer


A copy of the Book of Common Prayer and Sacraments bound in tooled black leather with the brass cross with inset pattern of fleur de lys on board with Patée Formée on corners. On spine embossed COMMON PRAYER in roman upper case lettering and 7 bars.

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Weston Photograph


Formal photograph of Rev. Edward Hawkshaw, seated on a large chair in front of an imposing door. The figure is dressed in clerical attire, sitting upright with legs crossed and holding a wooden walking stick with curved handle in his right hand. The chair is heavily carved with a high back, substantial scrolled arms and barley twist legs. Beneath the photo is a written inscription in black ink: The Rev. Preb. Edward Burdett Hawkshaw. M.A. J.P. April 94. Rector of Weston-under-Penyard. June 1855 - Oct. 1912. The photo is mounted on a pale mauve background within a plain light coloured oak, glazed, picture frame. h. 33 x w. 28 x d. 1.0 cm.

See the Rev. depicted in his window as St. Paul.

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