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Next lecture: Monday 3rd September, Larruperz Centre
"Botticelli – Painter of Florence"

Although Botticelli is today one of the best loved artists of the 15th century, he died in virtual obscurity. Yet his art can be seen to encapsulate the cultural, religious and indeed political life of late 15th century Florence
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Visitors and potential new members are always welcome at lectures
Interested in researching and recording in local churches?
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The Arts Society Ross-on-Wye (formerly the Ross-on-Wye Decorative and Fine Arts Society) is a local society affiliated to The Arts Society, which was formerly known as the National Association of Decorative and Fine Arts Societies (NADFAS).

The aims of the society are to help members gain knowledge of the Decorative and Fine Arts by means of lectures, visits and group instruction in a sociable and enjoyable way, and to foster, when possible, an interest in Fine Arts among young people.

New members are welcome (and there is no waiting list).

If you would like more information or wish to join the Society, please email us at

There is a program of lectures on the first Monday of each month at 1.45pm in the Larruperz Centre, Grammar School Close, Ross-on-Wye (get directions).

Members are encouraged to serve the community by volunteering their help with various local projects. At present the Society is involved with:

  • Textile conservation
  • Packaging and storage of antique textiles and artefacts
  • Stewarding

There is a Church Recorders' group which records in detail the contents and furnishings of local churches; and then provides each church, the Public Records Office and the V&A with a permanent copy of the results.

We also try to encourage schools and young people's social groups to promote high quality visual arts activities, and to inspire lasting enthusiasm for the arts.

The Arts Society Ross-on-Wye is part of the West Mercia Area, and details of all the local societies can be found on the The Arts Society website.

Neighbouring societies with their own website include: Hereford, Malvern Hills, Monmouthshire and Teme Valley.

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Monet Soleil Levant detail
Next visit: Monday 17th September,
"The Art and History of Northumberland"
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Next study day: Wednesday 10th October, Bishopswood Village Hall
"Artistic and cultural relations between the British Isles, Ireland and the Near East in the Early Middle Ages"
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Visits and Study Days need to be pre-booked
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